July and August 2021 Reads

Swing Time by Zadie Smith Review that most resonated: “This is a story at once intimate and global, as much about childhood friendship as international aid, as fascinated by the fate of an unemployed single mother as it is by the omnipotence of a world-class singer…Smith’s attention to the grace notes of friendship is asContinue reading “July and August 2021 Reads”

May and June 2021 Reads

Remaking a Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality by Celeste Watkins-Hayes Dr. Watkins-Hayes has been my academic hero for a while and Remaking a Life only cements these sentiments. I’ve wanted to have my own copy of this book ever since it was published a few years ago…the wait was worth it. AContinue reading “May and June 2021 Reads”

February and March 2021 Reads

Sending calm & healing energy into the universe & sharing some gems from my Feb & March reads – from a historical fiction classic set in the 1968 Prague Spring to a diary that celebrates life (and death) to the fullest. A much-appreciated dive into history, the future, & self-reflection. The Unbearable Lightness of BeingContinue reading “February and March 2021 Reads”

January 2021 Reads

A note of gratitude: it hasn’t even been a month & this little alcove has been gifted with over 1k views & visitors from over 30 countries! Thank you for believing in the HEAL blog, reading Lanterns’ stories with such care & walking alongside one another to build kinship. Especially grateful to our first threeContinue reading “January 2021 Reads”

My Top 15 Books of 2020

Touched the Soul The Long Song by Andrea Levy A must-read. In search of a storyteller who could deliver narrative with cunning and authenticity, I decided to dust off this historical fiction novel, one I first read in high school and felt even more gripped by it during the second read. Levy’s style and humanContinue reading “My Top 15 Books of 2020”